Upgrade JavaScript knowledge.

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. And it is very useful for many areas of technology development, computer software, ios application, android application etc. and mostly used in web development. Because, we can create a web application by html & css. But it will not work functionally without javascript. That’s why every developer needs to upgrade their knowledge about this day by day.

Today I’ll discuss some most useful things in javascript.

First of all we’ll know about the history of JavaScript very shortly.

Javascript was created in 1995. But it was released early in 1996. And the name of the creator is “Brendan”. ‘Javascript’ is not the birth name of this. Rather, its birth name was LiveScript. And so far it has upgraded many times.

Now we’ll know about the type of values of JavaScript.

Javascript has many types of values.

  • String
  • Number
  • Boolean
  • Function
  • Object
  • Symbol


String is a single or plural character, word or sentence between the single or double quotation like ‘single’ and “double”.


Number is number. But it wouldn’t be in any quotation. if will be in any quotation that will be a string.


Boolean who is returns ‘true’ or ‘false’.


Function is like a machine. I mean just like if you give something in a machine, the machine processes it and delivers a result. Just like that javascript function also delivers/returns a result. But you need to create the machine (that’s called in javascript function) according to your needs.


Objects like a dictionary. just like in a dictionary have a key and value.

Now we’ll know about the operation of javascript.

Javascript has many operations.

Today we’ll discuss some of the most useful operations.

String operation

  • charAt()
  • concat()
  • indexOf()

Number operation

  • parseInt()
  • parseFloat()
  • ciel()
  • floor()
  • random

Arrey operation

  • pop
  • push
  • shift
  • unshift


We already know about strings. suppose i declare a string and i need to know any specific character by index number. What should I do? I’ll use the charAt() operation.


Suppose I have declared two strings. then I need to combine them. What will be my work that time? no tention! I’ll use the concat() operation. That’s it.


I need to know an index number of a specific character after declaring a string. What should I do? simply I’ll use the indexOf() operation.